Febex and the Sainte Cru brewery share, apart from Epicureanism, the desire to provide their customers with a prime quality and tailor-made product meeting various specific requirements. For the brewery, the purpose will be to develop a beer influenced by passion and imagination resulting in an exclusive character. Their beers will not only quench someone’s thirst, but will radically turn any drinker into an “addict of flavor” through this unique gustatory experience; And for Febex the purpose will also be to manufacture a high-quality product from an elementary resource which will this time meets the demanding requirements of the electronic, pharmaceutical or … brewing industry.

Indeed since 2014, Febex is the exclusive Sainte Cru’s supplier for phosphoric acid. The beer production stages consist of malting, brewing, fermentation and conditioning. During the brewery process, this acid allows to control for the must pH without having any impact on flavors, and will later enable a better fermentation. Consequently, the pH control is indispensable because it can also greatly impact the enzymes and their capacity to degrade starch. The pH further plays a key role in the extraction of tannins contained in the malt envelope. Thus a high pH will load the product with a high level of bitterness and render an offensive taste. Other acidifying agents like lactic, sulfuric or hydrochloric acid can also modify the pH and thus be used as substitutes for phosphoric acid; however, they may strongly impact the flavors and confer a distinct and unpleasant taste for certain types of beer. Febex’s phosphoric acid complies therefore perfectly with the gustative requirements of the Sainte Cru brewery and of their clients.

Febex supports the emancipation of the Sainte Cru brewery and encourage it to further pursue its role to provide an alternative to ordinary beers!

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