Phosphorus : a strategic raw material

Elementary phosphorus is the principal raw material of Febex products. It therefore requires specific attention in the management and quality process. It also requires great expertise for its manipulation, since it is an extremely dangerous product and is spontaneously flammable in air. Furthermore, various sourcing methods are essential to ensure the security of supply, which requires great flexibility on the part of Febex.

Elementary phosphorus, called white or yellow phosphorus, is obtained from phosphate rocks that are naturally present in sedimentary deposits (common) or igneous deposits (rare). Its chemical formula is P4, and after transformation of the phosphate rocks it becomes a yellow solid that is highly flammable in air. For this reason, phosphorus is continuously stored under a layer of water

Handling of phosphorus requires extensive expertise and equipment designed to guarantee the isolation of the product from air. For over 70 years, Febex has received this raw material in 200 kg drums or 25 tons isotanks.

Delivery onsite of bulk Yellow Phosphorus by train

Since it is a raw material for various production lines, the purity of the phosphorus is essential to ensure the quality of our finished products. Suppliers are selected after a rigorous evaluation phase and a systematic quality control.

To ensure the security of supply and our production capacity, Febex obtains phosphorus from several specialists, based in various countries, also outside of Asia. The management of these suppliers requires a great deal of flexibility and rigor in the monitoring of the quality.

Melting unit for Yellow Phosphorus packed in drums