Phosphates are a limited natural resource. The solution? Recycling!

Phosphorus is an essential but limited resource on Earth. Febex has developed a comprehensive recycling method, adapted to the markets’ requirements. The contaminated phosphoric acid is reusable and of extremely high quality.

Phosphorus, in the form of phosphate, plays a key role in fundamental life processes, in the heart of cells themselves. It is one of the components of DNA, controls the breathing function and photosynthesis in plants, and in general, the cellular metabolism through molecules such as l’ADP/ATP[1] or NADPH. “There is no life on Earth without phosphorus”*.

Febex has developed a turnkey solution for the recycling of phosphoric acid used in the polishing/electrolytic stripping of copper pieces. We offer the removal of the spent acid, the recycling treatment and the delivery of fresh acid, all in a single package tailored to meet the technical and economic requirements of our customers.

Our know-how and expertise in the handling of phosphoric acid has enabled Febex to rapidly develop a specific purification method for efficient recycling of the acid and the copper it contained.

The used acid is blue and has an average content of 0.6% (6 kg / to) copper. After treatment, it contains less than 5 ppb (5 mg / to) of copper, and is regenerated to 99.99%. It is therefore perfectly reusable for polishing or in other areas.

[1] ADP/ATP : Adenosine diphosphate, Adenosine triphosphate


1) Phosphoric Acid polluted in Copper after electrolytic stripping, before Febex process
2) Solution of Phosphoric Acid after Febex treatment


As a leader on the market for high-grade phosphoric acid, our analytical experience in R&D and production represents a source of innovation and developments that are part of the core values of Febex.