Today, we wanted to share with you what Febex offers us in our daily lives. Among the complementary profiles that make up our team, Yan fulfilled his passion and one of his dreams in August:

“The “Transvalaisanne” is a human and athletic project with the goal of linking the two ends of the canton of the Valais through a trail run along alpine trails on the left bank of the Rhône River. It is a beautiful itinerary through the heart of the Valaisanne alps, starting at the source of the Rhône (at the glacier that bears its name) and ending on the shores of Lake Geneva: an exhausting, challenging and demanding route, approximately 330 km long and with 23’000 meters of positive difference in altitude. The aim of the “Transvalaisanne” is to fully experience one’s passion of the mountains, one’s deep attachment to the Valaisanne roots, and the wish to share intense emotional moments.

Yan and Ryan on the Transvalaisanne trail

Yan and Ryan on the Transvalaisanne trail

The two pioneers, Ami and Raymond, challenged themselves to complete this project in 6 consecutive stages. Linked by a true team spirit, the two partners had decided to maintain their solidarity, both in success and in failure. After two attempts that failed due to physical problems, they had to set their dream on the backburner. Twenty-five years later, they bequeathed their project on to us. It was with the same spirit and motivation that my friend Ryan and I decided to pursue their adventure. Contrary to our predecessors however, we wanted to complete the journey in one go, in order to fully experience and share our passion for mountaineering by day and by night. Passing on the project from one generation to the next was accomplished with much passion and respect. Our first “modern” attempt failed in September 2014. However, the second attempt, in August 2015, enabled us to fulfill our dream and that of the pioneers. History was finally written!


Yan and Ryan overlooking the finish: Saint-Gingolphe

The feelings kindled inside me after this success were intense. It is very difficult for me to evaluate our performance on a purely athletic level, because so many human factors were involved and influenced this adventure. The athletic success of the challenge depended on the implication of men and women who opened their hearts and gave their all, in order to write a beautiful story, to create a human success. Deep in my heart I remember and cherish the looks, the words and gestures of the pioneers, which were worthy of those passed on from a father to his son. I cherish the commitment, the implication and understanding of my family and friends. I remember the sensitive presence of strangers, motivated by emotion, and who became, for just a short while, close friends… I especially remember the rare, intense, and positive energy that was generated by the participants in this amazing adventure- an energy that defied imagination and boosted everyone on a cloud of happiness. An energy, which enabled everyone to align themselves on the same wavelength, with an incredible degree of understanding and respect, as well as the desire to give with no limit, without counting, simply with sincere and moving spontaneity. An energy that enabled us, for the duration of our adventure, to forget our troubles, to live and flourish with no limitations.”

Seeing Yan every day at Febex has given us the opportunity to find out more about this adventure, and has unleashed passions and emotions within us that have yet to be explored.